The name of this organization shall be the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies, Inc., herein referred to as the Council.



  1. The objective of the Council shall be to serve the bromeliad enthusiasts of Florida among the member societies, the subscribing members and the public at large by:
    1. Furnishing in periodical form, articles, lectures, electronic means, and other means of interest to Florida bromeliad growers.
    2. Sponsoring state-wide bromeliad conferences such as the Annual Extravaganza.
    3. Compiling and maintaining educational programs and materials for members and the public-at-large.
    4. Unifying the Bromeliad Societies of the state so that they may act as a single body in achieving goals established by the Council.
    5. Other such measures as the Council may from time to time deem appropriate.


  1. The Council shall be composed of the following categories:
    1. Florida Affiliated Bromeliad Societies.
      All Florida bromeliad societies that comply with the following requirements may be affiliated with the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies.
      1. To be eligible for affiliation, a Florida bromeliad society applicant must have a minimum of ten (10) members and must submit a copy of that societyís bylaws to the Council for approval.
      2. Application for affiliation constitutes approval and acceptance of the Councilís bylaws by the applicant.
      3. Application for affiliation shall be made to the Secretary of the Council. Admission to the Council will be granted by a majority vote of a quorum at the next regular meeting following application.
      4. Representation of affiliated Florida bromeliad societies on the Council shall be limited to the representatives as specified in Article V.
      5. Dues for each affiliated Florida bromeliad society shall consist of an initial contribution (see Standing Rule Number 2).
      6. The Treasurer shall assess dues plus a Newsletter assessment per address per affiliated Florida bromeliad society at the beginning of January, based on each societyís roster as of December 31 of the prior year. The Treasurer will send the dues notice, either by email or U.S. mail which ever is appropriate, to the society president and Council representatives. Payment of the dues will be no later than February 28. New rosters from each society are due by April 1. (see Standing Rule Number 2).
    1. Non-Florida Affiliated Bromeliad Societies
      1. To be eligible for affiliation, a non-Florida bromeliad society applicant must have a minimum of ten (10) members and must submit a copy of that societyís bylaws to the Council for approval.
      2. Application for affiliation constitutes approval and acceptance of the Councilís bylaws by the applicant.
      3. Application for affiliation shall be made to the Secretary of the Council. Admission to the Council will be granted by a majority vote of a quorum at the next regular meeting following application
      4. Representation of affiliated Florida bromeliad societies on the Council shall be limited to the representatives as specified in Article V. Non-Florida affiliated bromeliad societies have no voting rights in the Council.
      5. Dues must be paid as described above (Article III, 1., e., and f.) Dues must be received by January 31 of each year.
    1. Individual Members
      All members of affiliated bromeliad societies are also members of the Council. Members of affiliated non-Florida bromeliad societies must also live outside of Florida and must not be members of any Florida bromeliad society.
      1. Dues for individual members of the Council will be paid by the affiliated bromeliad society to which they belong (see Article III, A., 1., e. and f., above).


  1. Dues shall be payable by February 28 for the current year, after written notice to the affiliated societies, as provided for in Article III A 1 f.
  2. Failure by an affiliate society to pay dues shall result in automatic suspension. A suspended active member may be reinstated by payment of all back dues and a majority vote of the active members.



  1. Each affiliated society shall be entitled to elect or appoint from its membership two ( 2 ) representatives to the Council. The representatives shall be classified as "Senior" or "Junior". The Senior Representative is the individual who has served on the Council for the longest continuous period of time that includes the current appointment. Representatives shall begin their terms at the first regular meeting of the year. In the event a representative is unable to attend a Council meeting, the affiliate may choose to send an alternate. Each Representative or alternate shall have full voting rights.
  2. If there are compelling reasons for the removal of a representative from the Council, such removal shall require a two thirds ( 2/3 ) vote of the active representatives and a minimum of 10 days advance notice of the question in writing to all representatives.
  3. To hold the position of officer of the Council, a Representative must have served on the Council as a representative for at least six ( 6 ) months.
  4. All representatives will be expected to maintain good attendance at meetings. A society that misses four consecutive meetings (even if dues are current) will have its membership in the Council revoked. After the third missed meeting, the Council Chairman will put the society on notice by contacting, in writing, the society's president.
  5. All BSI Directors from Florida shall have a standing invitation to, and must be notified, of all meetings.



  1. Officers of the Council shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Rotating officers of the Council shall be Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. The Treasurer can be a permanent elected officer of the Council. When the Treasurer is not an elected Junior or Senior Representative from his society, this office shall be non-voting.
  2. Senior Representatives shall assume office for one year at the opening of the first regular meeting of the calendar year on a rotating basis with the rotation to be established at the time of adoption of these ByLaws. In any given year the Senior Representative of the affiliate society that are first, second and third in the rotation shall hold respectively the offices of Chairman, Vice Chairman and Secretary. In the following year the affiliate society whose Senior active member held the Chair shall move to the bottom of the rotation and all other affiliate societies shall move up one place in the rotation.
  3. Any new active affiliated society shall enter the rotation for officers at the bottom in the initial year of their membership and may not hold office as specified in Section 5 of this article.
  4. All outgoing officers shall deliver to their successors all records and materials relative to their office at the opening of the first regular meeting of the year.

  5. In the event of a vacancy among the officers, the Senior Representative of the affiliate society at the lowest point of the rotation who meets the following qualifications shall fill the office for the remainder of the year. Such a replacement officer must have attended the Council meetings prior to the last rotation of officers as a Junior representative. If no representative meets this qualification the Council shall elect from among the representatives the individual best suited to the office in question. This contingency will not alter the normal rotation.


Duties of Officers

  1. The Chairman shall preside at meetings, appoint committee chairmen as provided for in the ByLaws, act for the Council when not in session, carry on correspondence for the Council and perform other duties as may be directed by the Council.
  2. The Chairman shall appoint a chairman for the all Standing committees, and other such committees as the Council shall deem necessary (See Standing Rule Number 6 for list of Standing Committees).
  3. The Chairman shall be ex-officio member of all committees.
  4. The Chairman shall appoint a Parliamentarian who shall direct, when necessary, proper parliamentary procedure during meetings.
  5. The Chairman shall mail notification to all reps, officers and BSI directors of meeting date, time and location at a reasonable time prior to the meeting date. The outgoing Chairman will arrange the January meeting for the incoming Chairman and pass the gavel at that meeting. The Chairman shall be reimbursed for any expenses accrued while arranging meetings.
  6. The Senior Representative from the Affiliate hosting the Annual Extravaganza conference shall be the coordinator with the responsibility for keeping Council rules and procedures relating to conferences up to date, and for providing such data to host societies.
  7. The Vice Chairman shall be acting Chairman when the Chairman is not in attendance at meetings.
  8. The Secretary shall keep all minutes, books, papers, and records of the Council, and shall maintain an up-to-date roster of all active members and their representatives.
  9. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all funds of the Council (see Standing Rule Number 7); shall give and receive receipts for funds received and disbursed; shall deposit such funds in a recognized depository; and shall keep accurate accounts so that any member of the Council may, at any time, have full access thereto.



  1. Each affiliate society shall have two votes on any question before the Council, such votes being cast by the Senior and Junior Representatives to the Council for each affiliate society.
  2. The Chairman or Acting Chairman shall make the final decision in the case of a deadlock.
  3. Representatives of a simple majority of the affiliate societies constitutes a quorum and, except as otherwise provided herein, a majority of a quorum may decide a question.
  4. Any informal vote, phone or mail, must be carried by a majority of the affiliate societies, and the Chairman must mail the details of any such informal vote to all Senior members immediately.
  5. The Representatives of the Council shall be empowered by the affiliate societies to conduct any and all business of the Council and shall have complete control over the affairs and funds of the Council by this authority.
  6. There shall be no proxy or absentee votes cast at a regularly assembled meeting of the Council. Only Representatives in attendance may cast a vote.



  1. Regular meetings of the Council shall be held on the second Saturday of January, April, July & October.
  2. The Chairman may make a change to a regularly scheduled meeting date, or call special or emergency meetings when deemed necessary and in the best interest of the Council.
  3. Meetings will be hosted on a rotating basis by member societies. Rotation will follow a regular progression set by the Council. Host societies must make every effort to hold meetings on the dates scheduled in Section 1. Any deviation must be negotiated and approved by the Council at the meeting just prior to the altered date.


Annual Extravaganza

  1. The Council shall sponsor an annual statewide Bromeliad Conference to be hosted by affiliate societies on a rotating basis.
  2. The Council shall establish rules and procedures limited to the general management of conferences (for example, sales, banquet, auction, seminars). These rules and procedures, when established, shall be an addendum to the ByLaws and shall be subject to the same voting procedures as other questions (see Standing Rule Number 8).


The rules governing proceedings, including meetings of the Council shall be set forth each year by each incoming chairman at each January meeting. Such rules include but are not limited to Robertís Rules of Order (newest revised edition).



  1. Any proposal to amend these ByLaws shall be submitted to the Chairman in writing at least sixty ( 60 ) days prior to the next regular meeting. A copy of the proposed amendment shall be mailed by the Chairman to each Representative at least thirty ( 30 ) days prior to the meeting at which the amendment will be considered. An affirmative vote by two thirds ( 2/3 ) ( as specified in Article VIII, A ) shall be required for adoption of any amendment.
    In the event of an emergency requiring amendment of these ByLaws, with the recommendation of the Parliamentarian and a 2/3 majority vote of the Representatives, these ByLaws may be amended. This procedure waives notice as required in Section 1.


Sunset Clause

In the event the active membership of the Council should ever decrease to three affiliated societies, the Council shall be dissolved at once. Upon dissolution the council shall first pay or provide for the payment of all liabilities of the Council; all remaining assets shall be divided into equal shares among the affiliated societies in existence at the time of dissolution. The affiliated societies that are eligible to receive tax exempt distributions shall receive their share outright, those societies in existence at the time of dissolution that are not eligible to receive tax exempt distributions shall appoint a bromeliad related entity or affiliated society that is eligible to receive tax exempt distributions to receive their share. All funds must be used by the recipient of said funds for the promotion of bromeliad related purposes.

Standing Rules

  1. The society hosting the Extravaganza for the following year should be determined at each July Florida Council meeting. The Council Vice-Chairman will have the duty of coordinating the date of the Extravaganza with the Representative societies bromeliad shows to ensure there us no conflict with other shows, sales or the World Bromeliad Conference. (April 12, 2008)
  2. Dues for an Affiliated Florida Bromeliad Society shall consist of an initial contribution of $50.00 and annual dues of $10.00 with a Newsletter assessment of $3.00 per address annually. (October 13, 2001)
  3. All photographs on the Council website (fcbs.org) are copyrighted and may only be used by permission. The copyright of each photograph belongs to the photographer and not to the Florida Council. The name of the copyright holder shall be embedded in each photograph.

    Permission to use a photograph for any purpose must be obtained from the photographer; the Council cannot grant permission. If needed, the webmaster will assist in providing contact information to the best of their ability.

    For permission to use any materials other than the photographs on the website, contact the webmaster.(February 24, 2018)

  4. FCBS shall send an annual donation to Bromeliad Society International (BSI) for use by BSI in support of the BSI Scholarís Program. The amount of the annual donation shall be determined by the Council in January of each year and shall be paid to BSI in a single payment after the amount is determined by the Council. (October 12, 2013)
  5. Non-Florida Bromeliad Society members dues $10.00. (January 2000)
  6. The Standing Committees as appointed by the Chairman are:
    A: Web Master
    B: Publications/Newsletter(Editor)
    C: Educational Committee
    D: Annual Extravaganza Coordinator
    E: Parliamentarian
    F: Other committees as necessary
  7. Any expenditure in excess of $100.00 must have prior approval of a majority of the Representatives.
  8. Annual Extravaganza

    A: Rules and procedures governing management of FCBS Annual Extravaganza.

    1. The host society for each FCBS Annual Extravaganza shall be set by the Council two (2) years in advance and no member society shall stage an event two (2) years in succession. Exceptions shall require a suspension of this addendum.
    2. Actual operation of all sales during the Annual Extravaganza shall be subject to rules set up by the host.
      1. The host society will include in its sales rules the following notice: The unauthorized use of photographs from the Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies' website is strictly prohibited. When permission from the author of such a photograph has been granted, the original photograph must be used and not the one posted from the Council site. (October 11, 2008)
    3. Plant sale rules shall apply to all Florida Bromeliad Societies and their individual members equally.
    4. All profits from the sale of plants, except the rare plant auction, shall go to the host society.
    5. Printing, envelopes and postage expense for the annual Extravaganza invitational letter shall be borne by the Florida Council.
    6. Banquet, housing and travel expense shall be the responsibility of the individuals attending the Extravaganza.

    B: Rare Plant Auction:

    1. Each affiliate society of FCBS shall contribute a minimum of five (5) rare (or semi-rare) plants or bromeliad-related items for the auction. (April 12, 2008)
    2. The host society is responsible for providing the physical space for the auction. Physical arrangements for assembling and staging the plants prior to the auction will be the responsibility of the FCBS Chairman with the assistance of the host society. (April 12, 2008)
    3. All proceeds from the Rare Plant Auction shall be made payable to and collected by FCBS. The Council Chairman and Treasurer shall be in charge of all finances of the auction and the host society shall co-ordinate work closely with them and their designees in all appropriate aspects of planning and operation. (April 12, 2008)
    4. FCBS will keep detailed records of the auction

  9. At the January Council meeting, an Auditor shall be appointed by the Chairman of the FCBS from the representatives to the Council to review the financial transactions of the previous year. Due to the fact that the Council representatives are spread throughout the state, one person to audit the books should suffice. An Auditor will be appointed by the FCBS Chairman any time there is a change in the office of treasurer, whether or not that vacancy occurs at the end of the year.

    A special audit may be requested for any purpose deemed necessary by a majority vote of the FCBS. The request for an audit must be made 30 days prior to a regular, quarterly Council meeting, in writing, so that the chairman can notify all representatives and they can be prepared to vote on the request. The request should state the purpose of and reason for the audit. Such a request should be made through the leadership of an affiliated society and passed on to the Council for its consideration. For a special audit, the Council representatives will determine if one Auditor will be sufficient or if a committee, not to exceed three Council representatives, will be required.

    Any discrepancies found by the auditor first will be reported to the Treasurer and the Chairman within ten days of the finding, providing the opportunity for the issue to be resolved. A report by the Auditor will be made to the Council at the next scheduled Council meeting. (January 14, 2006)

  10. It is the intent of the FCBS Weevil Committee that, at whatever time the weevil project is deemed by the committee to be terminated, the remaining earmarked funds should revert to the FCBS general fund. (January 14, 2006)
  11. In the interest of providing program resources for affiliated societies and at the request of Nat DeLeon, the following Standing Rule was passed at the regular quarterly meeting, July 14, 2007.

    Council representatives, upon request, will provide information about good guest speakers for their society meetings. The editor will contact each society at least quarterly and maintain the list for printing in each newsletter except the August (roster) issue. Representatives will provide the name and topic and are encouraged to include comments or descriptions about the program. (July 14, 2007)