Guatemalan Exports and misnamings

by Chris Larson

Exporters have tried to identify the plants they sell around the world in their millions but errors do occur. The following are just some examples of where they sometimes go astray.

T. argentea = T. fuchsii f. gracilis
T. baileyi = T. pseudobaileyi
T. brachycaulos 'Abdita' = T. velutina
T. brachycaulos v. multiflora = T. brachycaulos
T. butzii sometimes contains the red flowered variety.(var. roseiflora)
T. butzii sometimes includes a beautiful silver hybrid which is now called 'But Silver' if you come across it
T. circinnata = T. paucifolia
T. fasciculata 'Tricolor' = T. fasciculata possibly v. uncispica but also other varieties.
T. himnorum was the Guatemalan name for T. harrisii before it was named & is sometimes still used.
T. juncifolia = form of T. juncea.
T. magnusiana may include hybrids with T. velickiana.
T. matudae may include T. velickiana
T. oaxacana = T. velickiana.
T. polystachya = T. belloensis
T. punctulata. Quite a variation in size some as small as 10cm high when flowering.
T. velickiana may include hybrids with T. magnusiana.
T. velickiana may include T. matudae and a compound inflorescence form.

There is even more guessing with green leaved Tillandsia and Catopsis.