1 PETALS Spreading at anthesis 3
Not spreading at anthesis 2
2 PETALS White, Leaf blades dark green with darker spots or dark purple cross bands leucophoea
Yellow, Leaf blades light green without spots ibitipocensis
3 PETALS 5 - 10 cm long 18
less than 5 cm long 4
4 PETALS Not joined. Plants from Amazon Basin 5
Joined. Plants from S.E. Brazil 34
5 LEAVES Tongue shaped 6
Narrow triangular 9
6 SEPALS Mostly free, inflorescence 6-8 cm. diam. 7
Joined, inflorescence ca. 1 cm. diam. 9
7 INFLORESCENCE Compound 6-8 cm. diam. eleutheropetala
Simple, pedicels distinct 8
8 LEAF BLADES Suffused rose especially on margins and tip at flowering.
Petals palest lavender to whitish.
Purple red spotted and at tip. Petals dark blue towards tip johnsoniae
9 STOLONS Long 10
Short, leaves up to 20 cm. long. Petals blue leviana
10 LEAVES Over 30 cm. long, inner leaves turning red at flowering, Petals white 1 cm. long margaretae
15-20 cm. long. Inner leaves NOT turning red, Petals white, 2.5cm. long tarapotoensis
11 SEPALS Free 12
Joined for 2-7 mm. 14
12 SEPALS Sparsely lepidote wurdackii
Not lepidote, Petals white myrmecophila
14 LEAF BLADES 5mm. wide pendula
10 - 40mm. wide 15
15 INFLORESCENCE Compound, Sepals 32 mm., leaves 50 - 60 cm. long rosea
Simple, Sepals 10- 13 mm. 17
17 STOLONS 8mm. thick, leaves 20 - 30 cm. long, teeth pointed towards leaf tip mooreana
4mm. thick, leaves ca. 5 - 18 cm. long, teeth pointed away from leaf tip stolonifera
18 LEAF BLADES 4 - 8 cm. wide 19
2 - 4 cm. wide 27
19 LEAF BLADES Spiny 20
Not spiny 21
20 LEAF BLADES With crossbands rubrovittata
Without crossbands 22
21 LEAF BLADES Green, stolons to 10 cm. long brigadeirensis
With crossbands, stolons to 4 cm. long azevedoi
22 SEPALS 4 - 8 cm. wide 23
3 - 4 cm. wide 24
23 PLANT Almost tubular tenebrosa
Open rosette menescalii
24 LEAVES Strongly lepidote on outside 25
Sparsely lepidote on outside 26
25 PEDICELS 3 - 3.5 cm long longipedicellata
1 cm long inexpectata
26 OUTER LEAVES Tongue-like, stolons with blunt leaves brownii
Triangular, stolons with pointed leaves bragarum
27 LEAF BLADES Not spiny or very few 28
Spiny 29
28 STOLONS To 10 cm long brigadeirensis
To 4 cm long azevedoi
29 OUTER LEAVES Same shape as inside 30
Narrower than inside 32
30 LEAVES Papery, few flowered 31
Leathery, 10 or more flowered bahiana
31 STOLONS To 5 cm. long kerryi
10 cm. - 20 cm. long mucugensis
32 PETALS Joined for 3 - 3.5 cm, from Sao Paulo paulistana
Joined for 1.5 - 2.5 cm, from Espirito Santo 33
33 PLANT Tubular shape, leaf-blades 10 cm. long diversifolia
Funnel shape, leaf-blades 25 - 40 cm. long inexpectata
34 INFLORESCENCE Compound 35
Simple 39
35 LEAVES Over 1 m long with 4mm. long dark purple teeth, Sepals 50mm.long
Petals 60mm. long violet
To 30cm. long with sparse lmm. long teeth 36
36 INNER LEAVES Changing colour at anthesis 37
NOT changing colour at anthesis 38
37 INNER LEAVES White lactea
With pink transverse band, Floral bracts red with brown scales.
Petals blue, barely opening.
38 FLORAL BRACTS Red with pale scales. Leaves with dark red tip. Petals reddish fosteriana
Purple, Petals white. marceloi
39 INNER LEAVES Coloring at OR before anthesis 40
NOT clearly coloring 57
40 INNER LEAVES Coloring reddish 41
Coloring OTHER than red 52
41 LEAF UNDERSIDE Conspicuous grey scaled 42
NOT conspicuous scaled 46
42 FLORAL BRACTS With toothed edges. Petals dark blue towards tip pineliana
With smooth edges 43
43 SEPALS 35- 38mm long, Pedicels 25-30mm 44
24-27 mm long, Pedicels 5-10 mm 45
44 LEAVES Fine red-purple spots on green Sepals to 35 mm long.
Pedicels to 25 mm long, petals lavender-blue tipped
(NOTE var. teresae has smaller inflorescence and shorter sepals and pedicels.)
Wholly green (except for inner ones RED at anthesis), Sepals 38 mm long.
Pedicels 30 mm. long
45 FLORAL BRACTS Red, Sepals red princeps
Green, Sepals green farinosa
46 LEAF TIP Narrowing to a point olens
Rounded 47
47 FLORAL BRACTS Short, equalling the ovary. Leaf blade with red tip.
Leaf sheath dark purple, petals 23 mm long, blue
Long, exceeding the ovary 48
48 INNER LEAVES Totally RED at flowering, ALL Blades with strong spines. 49
Red banded at flowering 51
Red with small white spots or blotches
(Note. Leaves 20 - 30 cm long, 2.5 - 3 cm wide = ssp. meeana)
49 FLORAL BRACTS About equalling the sepals 50
Exceeding the Ovary BUT shorter than Sepals eltoniana
50 LEAVES Green with strong teeth to 1 mm. long carolinae
Green with dark purple splashes or spots. With strong black teeth to 4mm long concentrica
51 LEAVES Over 32 cm. long, 55mm wide, remaining more or less upright on flowering macwilliamsii
28- 30 cm long, densely spined, Floral bract blunt, Sepals connate for 4 mm sanguinea
To 26 cm long, 32 mm wide, flattening at flowering compacta
To 34 cm long, 40 mm wide, purplish spotted with red tips camorimiana
52 LEAF BLADES With strong BLACK teeth to 4mm long. Inner leaves purple at anthesis.
Pedicels 10 - 18 mm. Sepals sub free
With small teeth or few small teeth. Inner leaves purple or dark violet 53
53 SEPALS Hooked 54
NOT Hooked 55
54 SCAPE Almost double length of Inflorescence, Outer bracts equalling height of sepals.
Sepals scaled on inside.
Same length as Inflorescence smithii
55 SEPALS Slightly asymmetric, long acuminate or long attenuate 56
Strongly asymmetric, broadly rounded, center leaves purple angustifolia
56 SEPALS Joined for long way. Pedicels 8 - 10 mm. Center leaves dark violet coriacea
Almost free. Pedicels 10 - 18 mm. Center leaves purple concentrica
Almost free. Pedicels to 5mm. Center leaves purple atroviridifolia
57 LEAF SHEATHS Forming a tube 58
Forming an open funnel shape, not constricted at apex 67
58 LEAF TIPS Narrowing to a point 59
Rounded 60
59 LEAF BLADES NOT lepidote, yellowish- green, often with reddish transverse bands on outside wilsoniana
Sparsely lepidote with straight edges with 1 mm black teeth and with fine
regular white cross lines on outside, leaf sheaths dark purple on the outside.
60 LEAF BLADES Spotted or banded 63
NOT spotted 61
61 PEDICELS Short to 5 mm. long 62
to 20 mm long, stolons long & slender, Juvenile offsets with narrow
triangular leaves becoming wider and rounded at maturity
27 - 35 mm long, stolons long, leaves with blunt keel at base carinata
62 LEAF BLADES 25mm wide, sepals with broad tip, stolons long and slender hoehneana
10 - l5 mm. wide, sepals with pointed tip, stolons long and slender dungsiana
63 LEAF SHEATH Paler spots than leaf blade chlorosticta
Darker spots or bands than leaf blade 64
Darker than blade, olive to brownish red in colour, faint banding.
Petals white with three green longitudinal lines
64 PETALS 42 mm. long, leaf blades 4 cm. wide punctatissima
20 - 24 mm. long 65
65 LEAF BLADES To 17 mm. wide 66
To 45 mm. wide, purplish green with brown spots rubrifolia
66 LEAF BLADES Green with red to purple to black broken bands. Leaf sheaths forming a tight tube.
Flowers mainly within leaf tube.
As above but leaves only 5 cm. long, flowers well EXCEED leaf tube. lilliputiana
Yellow green with brown broken bands, leaf sheaths forming an open funnel. tigrina
67 PLANT Small, leaves mainly 18- 35 cm long, Blades 10 - 40 mm wide,
flower short, to 45 mm long, Sepals 11- 18 mm long
Large, leaves mainly 15-90 cm long, Blades 20- 100 mm wide,
flower long to 70 mm, Sepals19-40 mm long
68 LEAF BLADES To 4 cm wide, reddish colour, petals to 4 cm long white with lilac apex crispata
To 3 cm or LESS 69
69 LEAF BLADES Densely appressed lepidote 70
NOT densely appressed lepidote 74
70 LEAF BLADES With blunt end caused by tip SHARPLY bending over, Sepals strongly asymmetric leprosa
With longitudinal creases next to sheath zaslawskyi
Inner ones rounded and coming to a tip. 71
71 SEPALS Reddish purple, gradually coming to a tip, asymmetric tristis
NOT reddish purple 72
72 FLORAL BRACTS ONLY 2 mm wide, glabrous angustibracteata
at least 5 mm wide, scaled 73
73 SEPALS Almost symmetrical and coming to a point fluminensis
STRONGLY asymmetrical and blunt at the tip, floral bracts equalling 0.75 of the sepal simulans
STRONGLY asymmetrical and coming to a point floral bracts as long as sepals martinellii
74 LEAF BLADES With different coloured sides and sparsely lepidote beneath 75
Same color and almost glabrous both sides 78
Purplish- red spotted in bottom half. Petal blades Blue lillyae
75 LEAF BLADES Finely spotted maculata
NOT spotted 76
76 LEAF BLADES Shorter than sheath, purple tinged, sepals rounded at tip. doeringiana
Mostly shorter than sheath, sepals with sharp tip roethii
Longer than sheath 77
77 LEAF BLADES 10- 20 mm. wide, few teeth cyanea
20 - 32 mm. wide, STRONG teeth,red spot at tip sarmentosa
78 SEPALS Narrowing to a tip 79
With rounded tip 81
79 LEAVES 40 - 50 cm. long, blades to 40 mm. wide, pedicels 20 mm. macahensis
30 - 40 cm. long, blades lustrous, 40 mm. wide , pedicels 25. mm long petropolitana
5 cm. long, 24 mm. wide purple spotted, pedicels to 7 mm., petals violet lilliputiana
81 PEDICELS To 3 mm. long, ovary club shaped, petals white. laevis
To 10 mm. long, ovary elliptical, petals blue. brevifolia
To 20mm long, ovary elliptical, petals white with lilac tip. ruschii
82 LEAF SHEATHS Spotted light or dark 83
Same color or banded NOT spotted 84
83 LEAVES Red spotted, red tipped with stout BLACK terminal spine,
floral bracts and sepals white, petals WHITE
Same colour with purple spots, red tipped with inconspicuous spine,
leaf sheaths dark with pale green blotches, pedicels 15 mm sepals green.
Red tipped, leaf sheaths purple and green spotted, pedicels 3 cm, sepals green correia-araujoi
84 INFLORESCENCE Few flowered (to 25 ) to 3 cm. diam. 85
Many flowered, over 5 cm. diam. 93
85 STOLONS Long 30 - 40 cm. sapiatibensis
Short 86
86 LEAF BLADES 2 to 3 times as long as sheath 87
Less than 2 times as long as sheaths 88
87 LEAF BLADES With irregular bands both sides zonata
Green with wine-purple leaf sheath pontuali
88 LEAF BLADES 50 mm. wide, blunt at tip, (Bent over) 89
20-35 mm. wide, rounded and pointed at tip 91
89 LEAF BLADES With few dark spots and with black teeth 1.5 mm long, pedicels 20mm long melanodonta
Top side green but reddish towards apex, flowers scented odorata
Same colour green, almost no teeth 90
90 SEPALS 9 mm. wide, asymmetric with wide membranous edges, middle section scaled schubertii
5 mm. wide, almost symmetric, glabrous kuhlmannii
91 FLORAL BRACTS Glabrous 92
With tenuous fimbriate scales both sides capixaba
92 SEPALS To 40 mm. long, joined for 7 mm. paulistana
23 mm. long, joined for 1.5 mm. oligantha
93 LEAVES Colored spot at tip 94
No spot at tip 97
94 LEAVES Underside transverse lined lepidote 98
Underside scattered lepidote 96
95 FLORAL BRACTS Shorter than sepals, pedicels l5 mm. long richteri
Equalling sepals, pedicels 4 - 6 mm. long spectabilis
96 LEAVES Tip with dark green spot binotii
Tip with red spot, medium sized plant, blades with NO spines gavionensis
Tip with red spot, medium to large plant, blades with red spines cruenta
97 LEAVES With dull look 98
Almost glabrous 99
98 LEAF BLADES 90 mm. wide, petals white pascoaliana
40 mm. wide, petals blue tipped seideliana
99 LEAF SHEATHS Dark brown, leaf blades 30 mm. wide, with 5 mm. long spiny tip uleana
Not dark brown 100
100 LEAF TEETH More than 7 mm. long, petals white carcharodon
Up to 1 mm long, petals violet tipped, leaf blades yellowish green and reddish blotched. kautskyi